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Rigos Bar Review Course

Why Take Rigos ?

  • Comprehensive but yet concise coverage
  • Acronyms - mnemonics and question maps
  • State-Specific and NCBE "Uniform" exams
  • Personal attention, grading and mentoring
  • "Seamless Process" produces high pass rates

Rigos CPA Review Course

Why Take Rigos ?

  • Our 36 year experience having helped students pass the CPA exam is second to none
  • Live and self-study classes available
  • Comprehensive textbook with 'Make Your Own Exam' and full interactive software

Rigos CMA Course

Why Take Rigos ?

  • We offer a comprehensive range of courses including self-study and in-house
  • A Rigos student received the highest score ever given on the CMA exam
  • Use our 'Seamless Process' approach

Rigos Ethics Course

Why Take Rigos ?

  • NASBA QAS-approved CPE programs
  • Approved by licensing authorities for required CPE and CLE ethics credit
  • A variety of courses including self-study books, online and live workshops

Welcome to Rigos Professional Educational Programs

Rigos Professional Education Programs is a leading international provider of programs designed to prepare individuals for professional legal and accounting licensing examinations such as the BAR, CPA, and CMA exams. We also offer professional ethics and legal liability courses for CPAs, CMAs and business enterprises. Our programs offer live classes in selected cities, in-house workshops, self-study video offerings, interactive delivery modes, and "blended courses."  Our review programs help make the difference between passing and failing these professional exams.

Bar Review Courses

At Rigos, we offer bar review courses for the UBE exams (MBE, MPT, MEE, and MPRE). Our books are under $400 and you can add portions of our online course. Our comprehensive yet concise seamless approach to online bar review combined with our personalized attention, grading and mentoring process gives our students one of the highest pass rates in the industry, as reported by the Bar Association.

Law School Horn Books

We now offer seven horn books for law students covering the subjects of Torts, Contracts and UCC Article 2, Property, Evidence, Constitutional Law, Criminal Law and Procedure, and Federal Civil Procedure. They are inexpensive (under $35.00 each) and provide concise exam-focused text, over 200 UBE multiple-choice and MEE essay questions with full answers, acronyms-mnemonics, and more to help students Ace those 1L courses.

CPA Review Courses

Today there are many CPA review courses to choose from. Rigos again offers books only for under $400. We also operate live classes in certain cities and home study all across the world. Each state has their own requirements for the CPA exam. Please contact your State Board of Accountancy or NASBA for the rules and requirements in your state. We also offer self-study courses, which use over 3,000 old exam questions and answers for those who cannot attend our lives classes.

CMA Review Courses

At Rigos, we have a three-step approach to the Certified Management Accountants Review; Decision analysis, Information Systems, and Information Controls. The Certified Management Accountant (CMA) Program has been designed to recognize the unique qualifications and expertise of those professionals engaged in management accounting and financial management. This certification provides distinction in today's economic climate and afford the opportunity to certify your expertise in the business areas that are critical to the decision-making process.

Ethics Courses

Rigos offers a family of accounting and legal professional ethics related courses that are NASBA QAS-approved CPE programs. These are available in live workshop sessions, self-study or online at Our self-study and internet courses are accredited as QAS courses by NASBA. We also offer legal ethics courses for lawyers. See each course for a detailed description and order form.

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